Welcome To The Centre Of Cognitive Activities

CCA, Centre for Cognitive Activities, is the focal point where convergence of all technical and scientific endeavours of the students materialises. As the technical gymkhana of the institute, this club is the revolution which bridges the gap between knowledge and application. Bulk of the extracurricular activities held in the college all the year round are organised by the CCA , with the objective of probing the dark recesses of human mind so that the grey cells are stimulated to create , conceptualise and evolve, triggering a rebellion of the new age mind against baseless conventions and meek acceptance.


This February as we take you back to your grade seven chemistry lab excitement, behold how the solution to everything mighty lives in simple contemplation. Be sure to clear the dams that hold back the scientist in you as this time, AAROHAN will make you miss high school, over and over again.

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Every year AAROHAN is decoated with loads of workshops by eminent professionals on topics like robotics, hacking, bio-informatics, live streaming wireless communication etc. Except Aarohan we organize such workshops throughout the year to keep the students technologically updated.

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Stand-alone events (which take place in the odd semester) that test your prowess in robotics, based on application skills of the workshop knowledge that is held before the event, generally in collaboration with professionals. This is generally done to enlighten the 1st years about robotics.