Web, Design & Creative Team

The technical cell of the club

Cell details

A congregation of enthusiastic techno-crats, we manage the technical aspects of the club, to keep it up and running in the cyber front. From designing websites for fests to organising workshops for amateurs, we nurture the creative spurt in the club.

Web Development Team

This team is responsible for the development, design of the various websites associated with CCA, the Aarohan official website and various online publication and propaganda of the events of the club. It also devises interactive online events, which see about 3000 online participants, for Aarohan, the Annual Techno- Management Fest of CCA.

Design Team

This creative team is entrusted with the development and designing of the various offline propaganda means for CCA as well as for Aarohan-The Annual Techno Management Fest of NIT Durgapur. It designs the sponsorship and talk show brochures for Aarohan, flyers, pamphlets, event posters and flexes for Aarohan.

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